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SEND and Equality

All schools are required to publish information about services they provide for children with disabilities and Special Educational Needs.  The intention is to offer choice and transparency for families, as well as providing a resource for professionals to detail the range of services and provision locally. Landscore is committed to providing an effective education for all children and have a very successful record of supporting children with their individual needs.

The people responsible for managing Landscore’s provision for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is our Special Educational Needs  and Disabilities Co-ordinators (SENDCo), Andy Smith, who is also our Acting Headteacher and Denise Ord (SENDCa). Andy Smith and Denise Ord are at school throughout the week.
The link below takes you to our school's Special Educational Needs and Disability Report 2016.
The link below takes you to our school’s SEND Policy; 

The link below takes you to our Equality Policy;

The link below is our school accessibility plan. This is the action plan showing how we will be continuing to develop increased access for all SEND children over the next year; 

The link below takes you to our Provision Mapping document. Copies of this document can be obtained from school if required. These documents are produced for children alongside their IEPs.

The link below takes you to the criteria we use to identify additional need. This is a tool that the SENDCos use to help identify in which area a child might require further support;

If you have any concern about provision, in the first instance we encourage you to contact your child’s class teacher. If have still have concerns then please contact either of the school SENDCo’s Andy Smith / Denise Ord. In the unlikely event that your concern is not resolved then please contact our chair of Governors.

Further information and support services parents/carers can access in Devon: THE LOCAL OFFER

In order to ensure that our parents and carers are fully informed about what is available for children with SEND, we have provided links to some websites, including the DEVON; LOCAL OFFER website which we strongly recommend that you access and which we hope you will find helpful. This website describes how devon supports children with additional needs. 
Devon Local Offer Website: https://new.devon.gov.uk/send

Devon Pathfinder Website: www.devonsendpathfinder.info/local-offer

Devon Information Advice and Support (DIAS) : http://www.devonias.org.uk/ 
The Devon Information is a website which provides support and additional information for parents.

"We provide confidential and impartial information, support and training for parents and carers who have children (age 0-25 years) with additional educational needs. If your child has difficulties in one or more of the following areas, you can contact us for support: Communication & interaction, Cognition & learning, Behavioural, emotional & social development, Sensory and/or physical and Medical Needs."