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Landfill visit

On the 16th October, the Little Rotters went on their annual visit to Newton Abbot Recycling Centre and Landfill Site. As always, this way an eye opening experience for the children as well as the adults who accompanied us.



We were met by the Education team who talked about the health and safety issues on the site. There are a lot of heavy vehicles and dangers but the children all were great.


We saw the arrival of lorries full of all the cans, milk bottles, paper and glass bottles that we put out in black boxes for collection and recycling. The children learnt about how important recycling is for saving the dwindling resources of our planet. Some of the facts really surprised them.








The children were amazed to learn that the soft slippers, fleeces and dressing gowns (for example) are made out of recycled plastic milk bottles. The learnt how the plastic is melted, then is poured out of tiny holes, like a shower head, and the fine filaments can be made into lots of different things.

     We had our lunch at the Council Offices garden, looking at the bottom of all our plastic containers, to find the recycling symbol and the numbers. We didn't manage to get all 7 different ones, but we talked about the food we were eating, whether it was "sustainable". If the ingredients were locally sourced, the packaging was recyclable,etc. It certainly made the children think!  After that, we got back on the coach and went the short distance to Heathfield Landfill Site.