'Baa Baa Bethlehem'

Year 1 have been practising hard for the christmas play performances and it really paid off! The children delivered three fantastic performances to a range of audiences. We were so pleased with their dedication and hardwork, well done! A special thank you to all the parents and carers for your support and for the wonderful costumes. (Photograph courtesy of C Beddoes)

Landscore's Marvellous Medicine

Team 2 have been looking at instructional writing in our English lessons. We read George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and today we made our very own marvellous medicines. We used household ingredients like toothpaste, hair gel, shaving foam and brown sauce - just like George! We had a fantastic time mixing our medicines together and writing down the instructions on how to make them. #team2 #English #instructions

Medieval Day - Team One

We all dressed up as knights, princesses, jesters and servants for the day. It was a busy day! In the morning, we made bread rolls in preparation for our banquet. The children loved getting stuck in, even if they did get a little white with flour. The Year 2 classes listened to the music Greensleeves and they learned a special dance. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a rotation of activities with our grown-ups. We shared topic books, created a family coat of arms and enjoyed the fresh bread rolls in the banquet hall. Finally, the whole team came back together to entertain the adults. Year 2 performed their medieval dance and then we all sang 'The Hairy Scary Castle'. Thank you to parents and care

Crazy Catapult Creating

This term we have been learning about , measuring, marking, cutting and joining different materials. As a project to help us do this, we built some Roman Mangonel catapults. This culminated in a battle against the Cardboard Celts who were so scared, didn't put up much of a fight! #catapult #team2

Team 1 - Model Castles

Year 1 and 2 have been busy making model castles in DT this term as part of their topic work. They practised with paper first to perfect the skills needed. They learned to fold, cut and roll card. The children also learned how to join the card by cutting tabs. Finally, to give the castles a more realistic look the children painted them. It was a fun-filled DT week - they even spotted some 3D shapes along the way!

Wrapping Paper

The children in Team 2 have been using Textease to create their own wrapping paper. They drew their own designs, made them into stamps and used a range of tools to create a repeating pattern. Here are some of the fabulous creations!

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