Stover Park Trip!

Team 2 had a fabulous day at Stover Park! We went mini-beast hunting in the forest, where we found beetles, newts and woodlice. During this we learnt about different types of insects and put our knowledge of invertebrates, which we have been learning about in science, to the test! We went pond dipping and learnt about the different type of tadpoles and other pond animals. We also went on a walk around the beautiful lake and talked about the different habitats and animals we could see. We had a great time as you can see from the reviews and photos below: "Stover Park was really fun. We got to see squirrels, birds, fish, snakes, mini beasts, tadpoles and loads of other animals. It was real

Outdoor Classroom Day

We joined in with International Outdoor Classroom Day on Friday the 18th May. The children loved exploring the school grounds and taking their lessons outside!

ECFC Half marathon Challenge 2018

Yesterday, some of the Year 5 and 6 children met at the Exwick Sports Hub, with over 300 other children from the area, for the final run at the end of our Half marathon Challenge. Since January, the children in the group have been running at least once a week, accumulating miles to run a minimum distance of 13.1 miles, the equivalent of a half marathon. Yesterday was the final mile for a lot of them to reach their target. All children ran very well: some running at their quickest pace, some enjoying the jog with their friends, some running with their parents and others leaving their parents for dust! It was another great occasion enjoyed by all and all our children did me, the school and mos

Royal Picnic in the Park

Many thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate the Royal Wedding with us on Friday afternoon. What a fabulous afternoon we had and big thanks to our choir and the QE band for providing such great entertainment. Thanks again everyone!

Landscore Beach

Last week, Team 1 ‘went’ to Landscore Beach. The children ate an ice cream covered in sticky sauce and sprinkles. They showed resourcefulness and made paper boats to float in the 'sea'. They got messy building some impressive sandcastles. We also saw a competitive side as the children played a beach themed board game. We hope this experience will help the children to write an exciting postcard about their time at Landscore Beach.

Habitat Investigation

In Science we are learning about Living Things and their Habitats. We went outside to explore the different habitats in our playground and investigate the different invertebrates (mini-beasts!) that live there. We used hand lenses and pooters (special containers that allow us to look at insects more closely) to help us explore the environment. #team2 #science #outdoors #outside

3D Map Artwork

Following on from our sketches of buildings of Crediton we have been making our own pop-up 3D maps of Landscore! We think you'll agree that they look stunning.

Ugandan Day in Team 1

The children have been raising money for Edukid. The money we raise will pay for a child to attend school in Uganda. On Friday the 27th April we had a Ugandan Day in school. The children were asked to wear red, black and yellow, the colours of the Ugandan flag. They participated in different African themed activities, such as drumming, dancing and art.

Science Walk

In Science, the children have been learning to name and recognise garden and wild plants and flowers. We were lucky enough to have a garden expert, Mr Jewell, visit us. He guided us on a walk around the local area as we spotted different plants and flowers. We then had a question and answer session with Mr Jewell after our walk.

Amazing Artwork

As part of our map work, the children have been sketching and painting some of the buildings around Crediton. What brilliant work!

Bushcraft Day!

Ms Doyle and Mr. Payne's class had a wonderful time at QE and Haldon forest learning to build shelters and make our own fires. Great perseverance and team work was shown by all. What a brilliant day!

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