Match Making

Heracles was fed up of lighting fires with a flint like a caveman. He would love a box of matches so Year 4 decided to make some for him! Each match needed to be 55mm long because Heracles has got such big fingers! After we made our matches we worked out how many matches we could make from the stick given to us and how long our stick was originally by measuring all the matches we made! #maths #Heracles #Measuring

Year 2 Fossil Making and Being Paleontologists

As part of our topic, Dinosaurs, the children in Year 2 have been learning about Paleontologists and the important roles they had in finding fossils. The children were able to become paleontologists themselves, by digging fossils out of rocks (using tooth picks to excavate chocolate chips from cookies!). They really enjoyed eating them after! The children also got the chance to create their own shell like fossil out of plaster and clay. We would like to thank all the volunteers who took their time to help us and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Je suis allé au supermarché....

Je suis allé au supermarché et puis j’ai acheté... I went to the supermarket and I bought... For our Harvest Celebration Year 4 decided to teach the rest of the school the names of some food in French! We designed our posters, drew our food on them and then learnt the names! Some foods were yummy (miam!) whereas other foods, like snails (des escargots) were bleurk (yuck!). Here are some of the food names we learnt - Un pomme - an apple Un banane - a banana Une fraise - a strawberry Un ananas - a pineapple Un pomme de terre - a potato Un glace - an icecream Ask us if we can remember anymore... #team2 #harvest

Harvest Samba

Year 3 decided to celebrate the harvest by singing and dancing to the Harvest Samba! We had a good boogey and really enjoyed our dance!

Harvest Assembly

The whole school enjoyed our Harvest Assembly on Friday and Crediton Foodbank were very grateful for all the food which was donated.

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