Landscore returned from our local school TAG Rugby tournament victorious in many ways last Tuesday. We entered four teams into the competition and they all played with fairness, determination, perseverance and skill, representing the school impeccably well. All Teams reached at least the Quarter-Finals with two of our teams reaching the Finals of the Cup competition and Shield competition. Proudly, both of these teams were victorious in their respective finals, each team winning by a single try! We're very proud of all the players who represented Landscore. Well done to all of you!

Team 1 Dinosaur Open Afternoon

Family and friends enjoyed an afternoon of activities across Years 1 and 2. The children loved sharing their work and the knowledge that they had acquired through their Dinosaur theme. We were overwhelmed with the number of visitors! Thank you to all who were able to attend. Here are a few photos of the afternoon.

Marvellous Maths

We are so proud of our Maths this half term. We have been focusing on place value and addition using lots of different resources to help us develop our fluency. We have created and added numbers using different resources, created Roman Numerals using sticks and we have explored the place value of 3 and 4 digit numbers. #maths #fluency #resources

Environmental art

Alfie (Year 4) said: We collected natural materials from all around the school. It was good fun collecting and matching up Nature's colours and finding different textures. I loved seeing our sculpture take shape until it was a whole work of art. Ruby (Year 4) said: We loved looking at our final sculpture from our classroom window and seeing the birds visit and peck at our fruit. Martha (Year 3) said: Our sculpture looked brilliant but best of all was watching the birds and squirrels come and visit it as well. Next time I would put even more fruit in circles so we could see even more animals. I'd really like to see a badger there but I don't think one would really visit. #art #ExtremeEart

Escape from Pompeii

In English we have been looking at descriptive writing. We studied the book "Escape from Pompeii" by Christina Balit and looked at the different language used in the text to build up description. We created freeze frames of the book outside and then used these to help us with our own writing. We also watched videos of volcanoes erupting to help us build up our descriptive vocabulary. We wanted to create a picture in the reader's mind. Have a look at some examples of our work here or we have some of our work displayed in the Team 2 corridor - come and have a look to see what we wrote! #English #writing #history

Volcanic Activity

In Team 2 we have been learning all about volcanoes, as part of our Extreme Earth theme. In Design and Technology, we have designed our very own volcanoes and made them out of a variety of materials. We have studied the different parts of a volcano and used this knowledge when creating our own designs. We then looked at different ways of making our volcanoes erupt! Evie and Annabel (Year 4) said: This week we have been making volcanoes. All the groups were using different materials which included: clay, cardboard, play-dough, lego and salt dough. We found the clay hard to use because it was rock solid! Meanwhile, the dough groups were the fastest and they finished first! We had to use our

Moving Dinosaurs!

We have been busy in Team 1 this week. The children have enjoyed the process of designing, making and evaluating their own moving dinosaurs. First we looked at the shapes of dinosaurs. We then practised cutting carefully and safely. The children were then given the opportunity to explore pivot and slider mechanisms - some showed great initiative with this. The design process involved detailed drawing, labelling and really thinking about the finished product. Day 2 was even more fun! We got to making quite quickly, showing super scissor skills. Each child made their own dinosaur and personalised it further by painting it too. We are pleased to say that all the dinosaurs looked amazing and...t

Open Day for New Reception Children 2020

Is your child starting school in September 2020? If so, please come and visit our school to have a look around on: Tuesday 5th November at 2:00pm OR Thursday 14th November at 11:00am. You will be welcomed by our Head teacher, Debbie Main, then taken on a tour of the school and given an opportunity to see the Early Years classes in action. Please ring Landscore Primary School on 01363 772018 to book a place and for more details. We look forward to seeing you then. If you are unable to make these dates, please feel free to arrange another time which is convenient for you.

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