Team 3 Macbeth Open Afternoon

At the end of our 'Significant Author' theme this half-term, we held an open afternoon for all our friends and family to come and see. The afternoon was based on Shakespeare's play, Macbeth. The children dressed in Shakespearean outfits, rapped the story of Macbeth, acted out some important parts of the play, whilst reading some of their fantastic writing alongside. They shared letters and diary entries in the role of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and descriptions of the three witches on the moor. An afternoon thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Class Reward in Year 2!

As you may know, the Year 2 classes filled their marbles jars recently and therefore earned themselves a class reward. They voted to have a pyjama, teddy and film day. Miss Coney's class also thought indoor den building would be fun too. The children (and adults!) loved it! We were very impressed by the den building skills. There were some resourceful ideas; using heavy books and even pegs to secure the blankets of our 'fort'. Here are a few photos of the fun!

Terrific Tenor Horns!

We have had a fantastic time in music this term learning how to play the tenor horn! We have learnt all about different musical notes and how these sound, and then learned to play some on the tenor horns. This has been a great opportunity for us to try a new instrument, as lots of us had never played a brass instrument before! The horns were sometimes tricky to make a sound out of but we persevered and all of us had a great time learning a new skill in music. We have also been learning to play simple tunes and some songs - we definitely found some tunes harder to master than others! #music

Landscore's Gruffalo

Thank you so much to all who came to watch our performances of Landscore's Gruffalo. It was a huge success. All the rehearsing really paid off and the children were fantastic. They sang beautifully, danced energetically and remembered all the words to the story - even the extra bit. We are all so immensely proud of them! Thank you for the amazing costumes. They really made the show extra special. Here are a few photographs of the performance...

Scientific Investigations

In Science we have been becoming scientists and creating our own scientific investigations! We have learned all about what makes a fair test, how to predict results, and how to record and interpret the results we have gathered! We have carried out lots of different experiments, including which magnet will be the strongest, which chocolate melts the fastest, how water travels through soil, what makes dough rise and which paper helicopter will stay in the air for the longest. It's been so much conducting our own investigations - let us know in Team 2 if you do any of your own at home! Archie C (Year 3) said: We tested which type of magnet would be the strongest. To do this we tested to s

Baking Bread

In Team 2 we have been designing and creating our own loaves of bread! We took inspiration from the Romans (which is our current theme) and explored different types of bread, and flavours, the Romans would have eaten. We taste tested lots of different flavours, and then designed our own bread to create ourselves. We had a fantastic experience, and we will be writing up the recipes as instructions in English - so if you need a bread recipe, you can ask us! Evie (Year 4) said this about the experience: This week in Year 3 and 4 we have been planning and making bread. We did this because our topic is the Romans and we have been looking at different food that the Romans ate. This includes brea

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