school council

                                  Welcome to Landscore School Council


  • To discuss ways in which we can improve our school

  • To make sure all the children at Landscore Primary School feel safe and happy

  • To think about how we can improve in our learning


      Year                       Council Rep
     Year 1                     Ollie Tyler
     Year 1                     George Dumbleton
     Year 1                     Jacob Sweeney
     Year 2                     Chloe Doe
     Year 3                     Zak Williams
     Year 3                     Callum Connibear
     Year 4                     Amy Gregory
     Year 4                     Zoe Jarvis
     Year 5                     Ava John (Vice Chair)
     Year 5                     Maya Bearman
     Year 5                     Luke Harmer
     Year 5                     Molly Willcocks
     Year 6                     Alicia Pett (Chair Person)
     Year 6                     Jessica Gregory
     Year 6                     Jessica Devaux Balbirnie

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