Stover Park Trip!

Team 2 had a fabulous day at Stover Park! We went mini-beast hunting in the forest, where we found beetles, newts and woodlice. During this we learnt about different types of insects and put our knowledge of invertebrates, which we have been learning about in science, to the test! We went pond dipping and learnt about the different type of tadpoles and other pond animals. We also went on a walk around the beautiful lake and talked about the different habitats and animals we could see. We had a great time as you can see from the reviews and photos below: "Stover Park was really fun. We got to see squirrels, birds, fish, snakes, mini beasts, tadpoles and loads of other animals. It was really fun doing the bug hunt and I found a beetle. It is one of the best places for animals, especially because of the natural habitats there." - Joe A-B. "At Stover Park you get to see bats and squirrels and lots of other amazing and beautiful animals. You can go pond dipping, mini beast hunting and on a long walk! All I want to say is Stover Park is AMAZING" - William G

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