Grenville House day 2 and 3

We have continued to have an excellent time here at Grenville and the weather has been kinder than the forecast has suggested. We've had no rain, its been generally warm and quite windy. The high winds have been turned to our advantage meaning that paddle boarding has had to be swapped over for caving instead, providing an amazing experience for the children.

The children have thrown themselves at everything with gusto and we have been so proud of how they have challenged themselves, looked after each other and kept their dorms tidy ! (the boys currently have the top scores after their OFBED inspections).

An excellent late night quiz night by Mrs Harris and Lauren was had last night and tonight a talent show will be taking place.

There are a few photos below to give you a taster of how the children are getting on. More will be delivered onto the screen at school too . Parents - you can be very proud!