Kents Cavern

This week Team 2 were lucky enough to visit Kent's Cavern - a prehistoric cave in Torquay! As we have been learning about the Stone Age in our topic lessons, this was a fantastic opportunity to see a cave where ancient humans once lived! As well as this, we were able to learn about how archaeologists work and discover objects from different periods of times, as well as see some Stone Age artifacts for ourselves, including tools and bones. This is a recount of the trip from Grace (Year 4)

"Yesterday, we went on a brilliant trip to Kents Cavern in Torquay. First of all, Elliot, the cave guide, told us all about the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods of the Stone Age. Without warning, Honor held up a bright torch and was told to lead us into the deep, dark and gloomy cave. As we took a few more steps the lights flickered. Later on in the cave, we went into a bear's lair. Elliot lit three shells filled with moss and a candle and blew them out. We were in pitch darkness! After that, we went into the dragon's lair... Just at that moment we saw stalactite rocks hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites growing from the bottom." This is a recount of the trip from Evie (Year 3) "First, we went on a Stone Age trail and had to find pictures and clues of the things our ancestors did , and also find pictures of animals from the Ice Age. After this, we went inside and split into two groups. One group went and found gem stones that twinkled in the sand, using paintbrushes to pretend to be archaeologists. Meanwhile, the other group looked at some artifacts. The artifacts were arrows, skulls, animals skins and a piece of flint and a hand axe. Then, an exciting thing happened. Suddenly, we were in a room with a heavy oak door. When the door opened Keelan was chosen as our leader and he was sent into the cave with a torch to see if it was safe from bears! Cave bears were 3m tall and they were vegetarian believe it or not!"