Team 2 Poetry

Just before half term, the children in year 3 and 4 started learning about poetry. We looked in particular at Kit Wright's brilliant poem "The Magic Box". The children have started to learn the poem but have also started to write their own versions of the poem too. More of these will displayed soon. In the meantime Izzy Pitts in Mr Hadden's class decided to start writing some of her own poetry and we have displayed it below.

The Cat and the chaffinch

The cat and the chaffinch,

such wonderful things!

Running and flying,

the cat and its tail and the bird with wings.

Fighting through day and fighting through night,

just to see them is a terrible sight!

Back in the days of old the truth must be told,

for then was a time of friendship so strong,

not even a fight could end it it lasted so long!

But how they've changed is just mad!

If they carry on the results will be bad!

The cat and the chaffinch please change your ways

just think of the happiest days.

By Izzy Pitts