Team 2 Explorers!

Team 2's Summer Topic of "Explorers" got off to a fantastic start this week!

We decided that Explorers would always need to know how to build themselves a shelter when they go off on their adventures! We went outside and used some newly acquired knot tying skills to build ourselves somewhere safe to shelter underneath when we go off exploring! The Year 3 classes had to contend with some pretty ferocious rain when they went outside! Ethan (Year 3) said: "It was really raining when we went outside so we had to build our shelters quickly! The shelters protect us from the wind, rain and any animals who might come and hunt us!"

Izzy (Year 4) said: "It was very hard to remember all the different knots! The ground was very muddy which meant it was a race to get the shelters up and make sure we had somewhere dry to sit!" Bella (Year 4) said: "Being an Explorer is hard work! It is hard to survive in the woods, and the first thing you need is to build a shelter, and then find water and food! My favourite knot was the "wood knot" because it was the easiest one but also super strong!"