Team 2's Outdoor Classroom Day!

Team 2 had a fantastic time for Outdoor Classroom Day on the 23rd of May. We got up to so many fun activities, as well as taking some of our "normal" classroom activities outside. Here are some of the things we got up to:

Miss Maddison took Year 4 into the woodland for a "Mini Beast" hunt! They tallied up how many creatures they could find, investigated where they lived and explored the different habitats in the woodland. They found lots of woodlice and even a millipede! Toby (Year 4) said, "It was really fun in the woodland finding the insects, I felt adventurous! I found the most insects underneath the logs, but I liked looking through the plants too!"

Mr Hadden took inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy and showed the Year 4s how to make art using only natural resources. The children explored what materials they could find outside and made their own pieces of art using these! Ellie (Year 4) said, "Our team made a volcano out of flower petals, sticks, grass and dust. The hardest bit was probably working out how to cut the sticks to fit our picture and arranging stuff so it didn't blow away!" Mrs T. had Year 3 making "kebabs" for the birds outside. They used lots of different fruit to make some tasty treats for the birds and have hung these up on trees and hedges. They used lots of different fruit and talked about what types of food are good for animals outside. Eve (Year 3) said, "The kebabs looked delicious. I used banana, apple, orange and sultanas. I hope to see lots of different birds eating the fruit kebabs. I really want to see a Woodpecker!" Mr Wilcox took Year 3 out into the woodland where they made dens! They made these out sticks and sat underneath them to keep warm and dry! They also went into the garden and helped plant some plants to develop their gardening skills.

James (Year 3) said, "It was fun making the dens. When you are in the woods you might need a den to keep the rain off of you and to keep warm. I liked being outside and working with my team."