Tasty Nutritious Treats!

In Team 2 we have been learning about Explorers and preparing to become Explorers ourselves when we visit Dartmoor. We decided Explorers would need to have lots of energy, and a healthy snack to eat! We taste tested different brands of cereal bars, and used our analysis from these to help us design and create our very own bars! We used a range of healthy ingredients, including nuts, dried fruit, honey and pumpkin seeds. They were all delicious and we had a fantastic time creating these tasty treats!

Year 3 were incredibly lucky and had a visit from Tesco's "Community Champion" who came to talk to them all about healthy eating and help them create their muesli bars. He told them about sugar consumption and how children should only eat 19g of sugar a day - that's only 5 tea spoons of sugar! He also showed them different breakfast cereals and they were shocked to find out Frosties had the most sugar of the brands shown, whereas Shredded Wheat was the healthiest. We would like to say a big thank you to Tesco, and their Community Champions, for donating the cereal bars we tasted tested and for helping us get the ingredients for our cooking. We would also like to say thank you for giving up your time to come and help us make them - we had a great time!