Exploring Haytor

Team 2 had a fantastic day exploring Dartmoor this week. The weather was fabulous and we got to see some stunning views all across Haytor - we could even see the sea! We took lots of photos and made sketches that we can use for our art project for Arts Week.

We walked up to the rocks, went around the quarry and saw lots of different wildlife, including ponies, tadpoles, newts and leeches! Overall we had a fantastic day gathering our sketches for our paintings next week and it was great to be outside in such a beautiful part of the world. Sam and Tomas (Year 4) wrote this about their day: "On the 21st of June Team 2 all went to Dartmoor National Park! We went there to explore, sketch, use a compass and much, much more.We walked a whopping 1½ miles around Haytor Park and stopped a couple of times to do a couple of sketches from different angles so when we came back we could paint it using water colours. We also stopped at a Quarry to do some sketches and saw alot of tadpoles in the water as well as seeing a leech and a lot of fox gloves. As we walked back to the coach we took lots of photos of the beautiful views and lots more. It was an amazing school trip." Ethan and Olly (Year 3) said this about their day: "First, we got the coach and arrived at Haytor. Next, we had a snack behind a humongous tree and then started walking towards the quarry. When we got there we saw tadpoles and leeches. We did some sketches and took some photographs. We got to feel the tadpoles and they felt soft but slimy! After lunch we started to walk up to Haytor Rocks - it was a really hard walk and our feet began to feel sore! We saw amazing views at the top and we felt really high up. We had a fantastic day!"