Volcanic Activity

In Team 2 we have been learning all about volcanoes, as part of our Extreme Earth theme. In Design and Technology, we have designed our very own volcanoes and made them out of a variety of materials. We have studied the different parts of a volcano and used this knowledge when creating our own designs.

We then looked at different ways of making our volcanoes erupt!

Evie and Annabel (Year 4) said: This week we have been making volcanoes. All the groups were using different materials which included: clay, cardboard, play-dough, lego and salt dough. We found the clay hard to use because it was rock solid! Meanwhile, the dough groups were the fastest and they finished first! We had to use our DT skills to mould all the different materials into volcanoes. We then used coke and mentos, as well as bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make them erupt!