Team 2 Horrible History Cinema Trip!

Team 2 had a fantastic trip to Okehampton Cinema to watch "Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans." The film taught us all about Boudicca and the battle between the Celtic tribes and the Roman Army. Below are some of the children's reviews of the film. It's safe to say we all really enjoyed the experience and want to say a huge thank you to Okehampton Cinema for having us!

Zak (Year 4): Last week we went to see Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans at Okehampton Cinema. I thought the film was fantastic and I would give it a score of 10 out of 10. My favourite character was Grandma because everything she found she pretended it was hers. My favourite parts of the film were when they were farting and talking in the toilets and when Nero's Mother was behind the statue of his father pretending to speak in a deep voice. If you read this film review, then run to the nearest cinema and get tickets now! Tia (Year 4): The film was about Orla, who was a Celtic princess, who wanted to be a warrior. She tried to prove to her Dad she could be a warrior by bringing a Roman Soldier back to their home and by joining Boudicca's army when they were fighting the Roman Army. I would recommend this film because it tells you a lot of facts about what happened between Boudicca and the Roman Army and because it was really fun to watch - a definite 10/10! Izzy (Year 3): The film follows Nero's army battling against Boudicca's army. The Roman's land was called Rome, however they had invaded Britain. I liked the character Nero because he was funny and I liked Orla because she was funny but also serious about being a warrior.

I loved the film because I love learning about the Romans and it was set when the Romans were around. I learnt loads of cool facts and would recommend this film because I think everyone would like the characters and animations used.