Baking Bread

In Team 2 we have been designing and creating our own loaves of bread! We took inspiration from the Romans (which is our current theme) and explored different types of bread, and flavours, the Romans would have eaten. We taste tested lots of different flavours, and then designed our own bread to create ourselves. We had a fantastic experience, and we will be writing up the recipes as instructions in English - so if you need a bread recipe, you can ask us!

Evie (Year 4) said this about the experience: This week in Year 3 and 4 we have been planning and making bread. We did this because our topic is the Romans and we have been looking at different food that the Romans ate. This includes bread! Most people really enjoyed making the bread and we had a really fun time doing it! We were able to pick the flavours we wanted to add to our bread, based on what the Romans would have added, like olives, garlic and cheese. Some people made their bread into a baguette shape and some people made a bread roll. Most people's bread were massive, but some people's bread was smaller.

The best bit was definitely eating it at the end!

Oscar W (Year 4) said: On Friday we baked bread! I really liked putting my hands in the dough to make the bread. We had to knead the dough to stretch the gluten and it felt like playdough! I added chilli to my bread which made it taste a little bit spicy. I liked the flavour and it made my bread turn orange in colour. I shaped it into a baguette and shared it with my brothers. They really liked it too! I would definitely make bread again now I know how!

Cameron (Year 3) said: To make the bread we needed warm water, salt, flour, yeast and oil. We mixed them up together and then made it into a dough. Next, we kneaded the dough and left it to prove. It basically doubled in size! I added raisins to my bread and shaped it into an oval. I liked the bread but I didn't really like the raisins when they were cooked. I would add cheese to my bread next time because I thought that that looked really nice to eat!