Scientific Investigations

In Science we have been becoming scientists and creating our own scientific investigations! We have learned all about what makes a fair test, how to predict results, and how to record and interpret the results we have gathered! We have carried out lots of different experiments, including which magnet will be the strongest, which chocolate melts the fastest, how water travels through soil, what makes dough rise and which paper helicopter will stay in the air for the longest. It's been so much conducting our own investigations - let us know in Team 2 if you do any of your own at home! Archie C (Year 3) said: We tested which type of magnet would be the strongest. To do this we tested to see which magnet could hold the most paperclips. I predicted before we started that the horse shoe magnet would be the strongest, because it was the biggest magnet! My prediction wasn't correct because it was the "bullet" magnet, which was the smallest one, that was actually the strongest. This experiment showed that being the biggest magnet doesn't mean it will be the strongest.

Samuel (Year 4) said: I liked investigating which type of chocolate would melt the fastest the best! We tested white, dark and milk chocolate. We had to measure out the same amount of chocolate for each bowl and put it above the same amount of hot water. Then we used a stop watch to time and see which one would melt (and turn completely into liquid) the fastest. I predicted the white chocolate would melt faster because it had more sugar in but it was actually the dark chocolate that melted the quickest. We think this is because it had less sugar in!