Exmoor Zoo Visit

Team 2 were incredibly lucky today to experience a visit from Exmoor Zoo! We were able to see some different plants and fruits that come from the rainforest, such as avocados, mangoes, papayas and bananas! We learnt about how the different plants that live in the rainforest have adapted to live there and the important role that each plant has. We learnt that two thirds of the earth's plant species are found in tropical rainforests and are excited to try and grow some of our own plants that Exmoor Zoo kindly gave us in our school greenhouse.

We were also wowed by the different animals that we were able to see that live in the rainforest! Some of us were incredibly brave and touched the different animals which included: a millipede, stick insects, a snake and a spider! It was fascinating to learn about how these animals have adapted to live in the rainforest and we were able to use our knowledge to talk about the different predators they face and the different habitats within the rainforest where they live. We also learnt about animals that we hadn't heard of before, such as the tenrec. Tenrecs are mammals that look a lot like hedgehogs and it was a great experience to see one close up.

Thank you Exmoor Zoo for a fantastic and informative day - we really enjoyed it and it was an incredible experience!