Holi Celebrations

Team 2 have been celebrating Holi this week, a traditional Hindu festival which takes place this year on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th March.

In RE we have been exploring Hinduism with Miss Gorania and she has been teaching us all about different Hindu traditions and beliefs. The Holi festival is known as "the festival of colours" as it is where people welcome in spring by throwing coloured powder in the air and covering themselves in these bright, vibrant colours. As well as welcoming the arrival of spring, Holi also celebrates fertility, colour, love, and the triumph of good over evil. One of the legends behind the colours during Holi is about the love shared between the Hindu deities Radha and Krishna (who is depicted with blue skin). Krishna fell in love with Radha, but was worried their different skin colours would keep them apart. Krishna's mother encouraged him to smear a brightly coloured powder on Radha's face and they fell madly in love.

We really enjoyed learning about this festival and it was a really wonderful experience to take part in. Ask us to tell you more about the story behind Holi and the different things we have learnt about Hindu culture and beliefs!