Hello from Miss Brown

To my lovely class and Parents,

Firstly, I hope you are keeping yourselves well at home.

Today I am at school planning some fun activities for you to do together while you are away. I have tried to plan activities that are engaging and practical and you will be able to access them daily via the virtual school EYFS link.However if you are unable to do these activities for any reason, please do not worry...they are just suggestions. It would be ideal if you are able to read with your child each day, spend time playing and talking with them or even do some of the household chores together.

Parents, I do understand that this is such an uncertain time for everyone and you are already doing enough by loving your children and supporting them through this very difficult time.

I will be in contact with you all as much as I can, so please keep checking my Blog on this page. I will miss seeing you all and please feel free to email me on my school email address.

Take care and remember to wash your hands!

Miss Brown