English 04.05.2020

We have changed the structure of our English slightly. We are going to plan for the children to do a sequence of work that builds up to a piece of writing at the end of the week. We will have a blog each day that begins with a ‘Daily Practice’ activity as a starter for the children and then it will go onto the activity for the day.

Daily Practice:

This week, our ‘Daily Practice’ will focus on spelling.

The spelling mistakes in the sentences have been circled. Write the correct spelling for each circled word.

Newspaper reports:

You are going to be working on a short English sequence this week….at the end of the week you will have written a newspaper report for a newspaper and will have created a comic strip for a news report for the news!

Activity 1: Read two of the Newspaper Reports about fish with accents

Choose two of the newspaper reports (below) about fish with accents and read them carefully. You can choose to read 1 and 3 or you could read 2 and 4.

Activity 2: Annotate one of the Newspaper Reports

Choose one of the newspaper reports that you have just read. Write notes on it, using underlining and highlighting to show the different features that it contains. See below for a quick reminder of the different features of a newspaper report!

Features to watch out for in a newspaper report

· Attention-grabbing headline

· Factual – giving information, answering the questions: Who? What? Where? When? How?

· Keeping the story exciting and the pace fast so the reader does not get bored

· Clear sentences, not too long and complicated

· Direct quotes from witnesses or reported speech

· Short paragraphs to break up the text

· Clear conclusions

· Style – can be chatty or formal: