English - 20/5/20

Hello! Today is the second day of you completing your comic strip!

- Remember to draw your superhero and villain and add detailed pictures of the setting.

- Then add what they are going to say to each other. You could stick the bubbles over the top.

- Next, add onomatopoeia - POW!

There are lots of different ways you can set out your comic strip. You can decide how to

draw your boxes or just fold a piece of paper into eight sections.

We think it will take you at least two days to carefully complete the strip. We would like to see at least 8 boxes. Some of you might want to add more. It’s up to you!

Have fun!

If you would like to download a template for your comic strip (so you don't have to draw out the boxes!) please click here to download one! Click here to download a copy of Mo's comic book to help give you some ideas!