English 3.6.20

Team 1 English – The Tiny Seed – Wednesday 3rd June

Today’s English challenge is to pretend that you were the seed that travelled around in the story.

Activity 1

To get into it, you might want to take yourself into the garden or your living room and move around like the seed, floating in the air, landing on different places etc.

Activity 2

Now, tomorrow, you are going to be writing a letter to your seed friend telling them all about your journey from the story – what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. So today’s job, is to plan what you are going to write.

You need to think about and answer these questions.

· Where were you at the beginning of the story? How were you feeling?

· Where are the different places that you visited? Can you describe them?

· What did you see at the different places you visited? Did you like them/dislike them?

· What was the weather/seasons like? How were you feeling at the different points?

· What happened to your other seed friends? How were they feeling?

· What happened to you at the end of the story?

Click here for a template to write your answers into.