Friday 15.5.20 Team 1 Home Learning

What a brilliant week we have had!

We have seen some excellent poems this week, with such imaginative ideas and amazing use of adjectives - well done.

Year 2s are getting closer to telling the time or are they there already?! and Year 1s are bashing into things with their turns and rotations...maybe getting a bit dizzy.

Keep those photographs coming so that we can share them on the website for your friends to see too.

THANK YOU adults (and brothers and sisters) for your hard work and support to enable such positive home learning. We really appreciate the effort, blood, sweat and tears that you are putting into this.

Please remember "no one can do everything but everyone can do something".

That "something" big or small is really helping towards your education - keep it up you stars.

Happy Friday!!

Lots of love

Your Team 1 adults x