Landscore’s Aerodynamic Planes!

Today’s challenge was to create an aeroplane, give it a name and see how far it could fly in the air or how long it stayed in flight for.

Thank you to those of you who took part in creating your aeroplane. Here are some photographs, videos and some information about them.

Rory and his sister enjoyed racing their planes together. Rory told me that the ‘X Star 101’ travelled the furthest and that was his. Good making skills Rory!

Matt and Evie had fun making their aeroplanes from a kit Matt got for Christmas. They even managed to follow the German instructions to make them! The winner was the blue one, Matt is holding. Well done guys!

Look how far Jacob sent his aeroplane flying - right across the field!! Clearly very good making skills.

Some more brilliant aeroplanes from Alannah and Sam! Fantastic effort Sam with it flying right over your fence, and well done to Alannah too.