Look Closer 09.07.2020

Take a look at what's around you, now look again, really closely.

This activity is about looking closely at and examining objects in the natural world, identifying and naming parts.

What do you need?

  • A natural item, such as a feather, a flower, a leaf, a minibeast

  • Magnifying glass or bug pot

  • An identification sheet, to help you to identify different parts of your item

  • You might want to make a pooter or a bug pot if you are looking at mini-beasts

- How to make a pooter

- How to make a bottle bug catcher

What do I do?

1. Choose a natural item, such as a feather, a flower a leaf or a minibeast.

2. Look at it and examine it closely.

3. Draw a detailed picture of what you can see and label it.

4. If you’ve chosen a flower, you might want to dissect it to see what’s inside!