Maths 11.05.2020

Daily Practise:

Choose either A, B, C or D to complete depending on how confident you are feeling. Many of you will have already seen us using these in class!

Times Tables Rock Star Challenge:

Don’t forget the Year 5’s are taking on the Year 6’s this week on TT Rockstars.

So far the MVP’s have been Alex J, Ben W and last week… Lily-May D! Well done Lily-May!

Every week the Year 5’s have one so far, could this week be different?

Main activity: Multi Step Addition and Subtraction

Today you are going to learn to be using your addition and subtraction skills to solve problems that need to have more than one step (or calculation) to solve them.

Click here and read through the slides to help you solve a multi-step problem.

On the website above, or in your printed packs there are two sets of challenges.

The first one practices using multi step problems and the second is an extra challenge for you if you feel up to the challenge!

- Challenge 1

- Challenge 2