Miss Davey's Class Theme Learning Autumn 1 - Staying Alive

This half term our Theme has been called 'Staying Alive'. The children have done lots of learning around how to keep their body fit and healthy, understanding how the NHS came about, learnt about famous scientists such as Marie Curie and even been cooking and out 'surviving' in the forest area.

The children in their Design and Technology, planned and created a healthy pasta bake, thinking about all the different ingredients they would need to ensure it was a balanced meal. Our trip to the forest area linked to our learning about survival and the children made shelters for different creatures and we have been inspired by all the hard work Joe Wicks put in during lockdown to keep us fit, that the children have even created their own fitness videos!

As part of our fortnightly forest school time, the children have dug up and cleared an area designated for our class and have planted Bluebell bulbs into the ground. We hope they flower in the spring time!

If you haven't already, please check out the 'Staying Alive' quizzes which the children have made! You can find these by the children logging into their Google Classroom.

Please take a close look at a selection of our photos and videos which capture our learning from this half term! Enjoy!