Phonics: Exploring the 'igh' sound 20.5.20

Today, we would like you to have a go at spotting words which contain the 'igh' sound but this sound can be written in many different ways eg 'igh', 'ie', 'i-e' as well as others.

Click here to gave a go at spotting alternative 'igh' spellings. How many words can you spot within the text which have an 'igh' sound? (Remember - this may be spelt in a different ways)

You could write a list of all of the words that you find.

You could challenge yourself to find things around your home which have an 'igh' sound and then try to identify how to spell it.

You could also have a go at spelling some Year 1 common exception words on Little Bird Spelling Click on Year 1 (above the bird boxes), click on a bird box to choose a set of words and then go.