Phonics Week beg 1.6.20

This week, we would like you to have a go at reading some real and alien words.

(Grown ups: these are past papers from the phonics screening test. Your child will not be doing the test but these words will provide opportunities for them to spot sounds in words. Some pages are blank. You will need to scroll through the pages to choose words to read. The words get progressively harder.)

Encourage your child to look at the word first and identify the sounds that are 'hiding' within the word. Remember that there are different spelling choices for some sounds eg ay, ai, a-e.

Then ask your child to say each sound and then to blend the sounds together to read the word.

Monday - click here for your list of words.

Tuesday - click here for your list of words.

Wednesday - click here for your list of words.

Thursday - click here for your list of words.

Friday - click here for your list of words.

You could print out and cut up the words and make games with them eg stick them around the house. When you find a word you have to read it.  If you read it correctly, you can keep it.  If you make 2 copies, you could play a pairs game with them.

You could also play games to read real and alien words on the newphonicsplay website.

You could also have a go at spelling some Year 1 common exception words on Little Bird Spelling Click on Year 1 (above the bird boxes), click on a bird box to choose a set of words and then go.