Plant Safari 06.07.2020

Do you know which types of plants and flowers grow in your school grounds? This activity is about identifying and naming wildflowers, trees and shrubs and looking for similarities and differences.

What do you need?

  • You could use a quadrant or a hula-hoop to mark the specific area you want to look in

  • Spot it sheets to help identify what you have found

- Spot It - Flowering plants

- Spot It - Trees and shrubs

What do I do?

1. Place your quadrant or hula-hoop in the area you want to focus on, e.g. school field, under a tree, playground, your garden.

2. Have a look at what species are inside your quadrant (use your ‘Spot It’ sheets to help you) and then record them on a piece of paper

3. Move your quadrant to a different area and compare the different species you have found, or compare with a class mate who looked in a different area.

4. It would be nice for you to sketch some of the species you find, or take a picture to make a collage!