PSHE 22.06.2020 and 25.06.2020

End of Year Double Page Spread:

Over your two PSHE sessions this week, we are asking you to think back to all of the different things you have loved throughout your year. Year 6 children, if you would like to do an end of schooling one, you can.

We would like you to create your own double page spread to summarise your year. Be as creative as you can, use photos/pictures you have, draw your own, write about key events which have happened and own it!

Some key events you might want to talk about are:

- Your class mates

- Friends in other classes

- Topics you have enjoyed

- Residential trips

- Class trips

- Plays or Open Afternoons

- Sporting events

- Favourite lessons

- Creative tasks

Once you have finished, please take a photo to send to your class teacher. We would love to see what has stood out to you this year (or across your time at Landscore).

Mr Williams –

Miss Hughes -

​Mr Willcox -

Miss McKeon -