PSHE: 29.06.2020 and 02.07.2020

Over the next two lessons, we are going to learn how to become First Aid Champions:

See if you can follow the instructions below to learn all about becoming a First Aid Champion!

Day 1: 29.06.2020

  • Start on the homepage to learn more about the site. Say hello to the eight relatable characters who you’ll learn with.

  • Learn why first aid is important and select which first aid skills you’re going to learn (there’s eight to choose from). Each first aid skill focuses on one key action to take to help, making it simple to teach and easy to learn.

  • Each first aid skill page follows a similar format. Start by tracking your confidence, watch the film and learn the simple steps to take to help someone who needs first aid. You can take your learning further by acting out a scenario in the role play card. We suggest you start by learning how to help someone who:

a. is having an asthma attack b. is bleeding a lot c. has a burn

Day 2: 02.07.2020

  • Quiz time - test your new knowledge with a quiz. Select the first aid skill or skills you want to test and click start. You can build a personalised quiz by selecting as many first aid skills as you have learned.

  • Explore the importance of first aid with thinking about helping. Watch Dele’s film about overcoming worries and do the activity to make a priority diamond and practise decision making.

  • Think about what to do when you call 999 by listening to Lily-Mae's recording. Learn what to say to the 999 operator and increase confidence to talk to the emergency services when needed.

  • Finally, share your learning with others to strengthen your knowledge. Follow the guidance on the page of how you can share creatively with others in your household.

You can continue working your way through the First aid champions site, click other teaching activity downloads to keep learning. Watch out for the next learning pathway which will be available soon.