PSHE Time Capsule Booklet 08.06.2020 and 11.06.2020

The booklet has 9 different activities for you to complete:

1) Here and Now

2) @ Home During COVID-19

3) My Feelings

4) My Community

5) Living Through History

6) Letter To My Future Self

7) An Interview With My Parents/Carers

8) Change

9) The 1decision Times

We would like you to work through the book, doing 2 activities each week in the PSHE slots on the timetable:

- Week 1 (WB 1st June): Here and Now and @ Home During COVID-19

- Week 2 WB 8th June): My Feelings and My Community

- Week 3 (WB 15th June): Living Through History and Letter To My Future Self

- Week 4 (WB 22nd June): An Interview With My Parents/Carers and Change

- Week 5 (WB 25th June): The 1decision times

So, this week we would like you to complete ‘My Feelings’ and ‘My Community’

My Feelings:

My Community:

During the global pandemic in 2020, there were many negative effects across the world but it was also a time where families were brought together and communities worked hard to support each other.

- Can you give examples of some positive outcomes from having to stay at home?

- How did your community appreciate the acts of our key workers?


It would be great if you could email us with some of the thoughts and feelings you experienced during lockdown.