PSHE Time Capsule Booklet 15.06.20 and 18.06.20

The booklet has 9 different activities for you to complete:

1) Here and Now

2) @ Home During COVID-19

3) My Feelings

4) My Community

5) Living Through History

6) Letter To My Future Self

7) An Interview With My Parents/Carers

8) Change

9) The 1decision Times

We would like you to work through the book, doing a few activities each week in the PSHE slots on the timetable:

- Week 1 (WB 1st June): Here and Now and @ Home During COVID-19

- Week 2 WB 8th June): My Feelings and My Community

- Week 3 (WB 15th June): Living Through History, Letter To My Future Self, An Interview With My Parents/Carers, Change and The 1decision times

So, this week we would like you to complete ‘Living Through History’, ‘Letter To My Future Self’, ‘An Interview With My Parents/Carers’, ‘Change’ and ‘The 1decision times’. We have schedules more activities this week as we have a new project for you to complete next week!

Living Through History:

You are living through history right now!

Fill this page (in the booklet) with special memories for your future self to look back on.

Here are some ideas: local newspaper clippings, photos, art work you have created, a journal, etc.

Letter To My Future Self:

Write a letter to your future self and imagine yourself opening it in 20 years and remembering this time in your childhood.

An Interview With My Parents/Carers:

Use the interview structure in the booklet to find out how someone else has been coping during lockdown.


Many of us have had to make changes to our daily routines during this time. Can you think of three changes you have made in lockdown? These may be positive or negative.

The 1decision times:

Write and draw your own newspaper article describing what it was like during this time.