Reading and Illustrating Blog

We have seen many of you making brilliant progress with the ‘Reading Miles Global Challenge’ and some of you have managed to complete the challenge – which is 11 hours of reading in total, WOW! If you have not yet finished this challenge, do not worry as you can carry on collecting those reading miles!

Here is our new challenge for you:

We would like you to become an illustrator and draw (or paint – it is up to you) either a character from the book you are currently reading or a setting that the author has described in your book.

You will need to make sure you are reading your book carefully, as the author will have described these things carefully so that you have built up a picture of what the characters and settings look like from your book in your head!

Alex J's example:

Alex J has emailed in a brilliant example for us to use on this blog to show you what we are looking for – thank you Alex!

He has illustrated the Pizza Parlour from ‘The 52-story treehouse’ book.

Your activity:

You need to email us a photograph of your illustrations, along with the name of the book and a description of what you have illustrated. Each week we will add your illustrations onto the bottom of this blog.

This week, we have added this blog to the ‘Art’ button on the timetable, as we would like you to make a start on your illustrations during your ‘Art’ slot.

Keep checking in to see what people have drawn and to see what books they are all reading! We look forward to seeing your illustrations!