Reading Miles Global Challenge


Congratulations to Lily, Maya and Joe A-B for reading their way around the world with the Reading Miles Global Challenge - a whopping 33,000 miles (or 11 hours) in total.

Many congratulations to Luke, Ciaran and Charlie Me on becoming 'Accelerated Reader Word Millionaires'

Who's going to complete their reading world tour next? Keep us posted!

See below for the Reading Miles Global Challenge...

We hope you are all well and are continuing to read daily for pleasure. We have a new reading challenge for you all to easily take part in…your reading challenge is to race your way across the world by reading!

You earn 500 reading miles for every 10 minutes you spend reading, either alone or with a parent, carer, or your brother or sister.

You could even video call your relatives and read aloud to them, we are sure they would really enjoy listening to you read!

Collect reading miles in a special reading passport (see below) on your very own reading world tour - a whopping 33,000 miles (or 11 hours) in total! The challenge is split into seven journeys, each of which finishes in a ‘checkpoint city’.

We would love you to let us know which books you are enjoying and how many miles you have earned from reading.

We will post any updates you email us with on here so we can see everyone’s progress – Team 3’s race across the world!

Click on the links below for all of the resources you need:

We look forward to hearing from you all – check back in here to see everyone’s updates! Get racing!

Team 3 x

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