Riddle Time!

I had some help to find some riddles for you all to enjoy....

...see if you get them right!

Thank you for the new riddles....have a go at these!

From Jago...

There is a man who lives on the 17th floor of a block of flats.

Everyday he goes off to work, gets into the lift and presses the ground floor button, gets out and walks to work.

When he returns he gets into the lift, presses the 8th floor button, gets out and walks the rest of the way up the stairs, WHY?

From Izzy P...

You can give this if you're willing

And a certain type you'll be

You have it with you always

But not for folks to see

The sight of this will scare some

But most of us agree

It's better not to spill it

To any great degree

What is it?

Some other good ones ...

How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

What answer can you never answer yes to?

(SEE BELOW FOR ANSWERS - don't cheat!)

I have discovered I quite like riddles - But I would love to learn some new ones, so please do share your favourites.

Looking forward to hearing them!

Miss Coney x


Special mention and BIG thanks to Alfie, Freddie, Ruby and Miss Crocker for their help with this!


Jago's Answer - He has dwarfism! he can't reach the button!

Izzy's Answer - Blood

Alphabet Answer - 18: 3 in ‘the’, 7 in ‘English,’ and 8 in ‘alphabet.’

Never answer yes - Are you asleep yet?