Scavenger Hunt Fun!

The children at school (and Miss Maddison and Mr Seller!) had a fantastic time out in the sunshine hunting for all the things on Mrs Main's scavenger hunt list.

We stood outside and felt the sunshine on our faces (and even saw some clouds as we looked up at the sky!) The minute we stepped outside we could hear someone mowing their lawn in a nearby house AND some birds singing up above! Miss Maddison and Mr Seller could definitely hear some children outside...

We spotted a bird's nest high in a tree (two things on the list!), some daffodil's growing in the forest school area and we could heard the breeze as we strolled around the playground. We did spot a ladybird however while in the forest area and a spider's web too! We all found a leaf we could smell (whole avoiding the stinging nettles!) and bent down to the smell the grass on the field!

Finally, we went into the garden and smelt some flowers (but we couldn't spot a butterfly or a caterpillar...perhaps we were a little too loud!) As we were there we watered some plants in the greenhouse and spotted an ant on a nearby!

We ticked off nearly everything on the list - we hope you had as much fun as we did!