We have had some drama at Landscore....the beloved character Supertato was found trapped!!

Was this the end for Supertato??

NO! Year 1 and 2 came to the rescue...

We decided that we were in need of some veggie heroes to save the day.

After careful consideration, the children thoughtfully planned out veggie and fruit superhero designs - making a detailed list of all the things they would need in the making process.

They then brought in a huge variety of fruits and vegetables from home and carefully created some heroes to save the day.

We all learnt some new skills and there was certainly a lot of problem solving and adapting...attaching a superhero cape to an apple is not a easy as it may seem.

We are so impressed with the outcomes and everyone enjoyed the designing and making process immensely.

Have a look at all these fruit and veggies heroes that assembled to save Supertato.

See if you can spot yours!