Year 1 and 2 English - week bg 4.1.21

This week's English tasks are listed below:

Tuesday - We would like you to write your news about the Christmas holidays. Write about the presents that you had, what you did at home with your family, any visits or walks that you went on.

Remember to use capital letters, full stops and leave finger spaces. Year 2 children also need to be describing things with adjectives and adding more detail to their writing.

Wednesday - Read our new story 'Castle Adventure' by clicking here. Talk about the story. What do you like / dislike? Can you describe the characters? You could draw a picture of your favourite scene or character and write about it.

Thursday - Read the 'Castle Adventure' story again by clicking here. Have a go at re-telling the story to someone in your family or to a teddy bear. You could act it out with your toys if you like!

Year 1 Friday - We are focusing on recognising sentences. Have a look at this slide to understand what a sentence is. Then look at this powerpoint presentation all about sentences. Finally, have a go at completing this sheet.

Year 2 Friday - We are learning what adverbs are today. Work through these slides on this powerpoint presentation. Then have a go at completing at least one of these sheets.

Other writing -

It is great to do any kind of writing practise. Please do send us your weekend news, maybe help write a shopping list or even a story.

We look forward to reading it!

Miss Coney and Mrs Williams