Team 1 English - 11.5.20

Monday 11th May – English: List Poetry

Today you are going to look at an example of a list poem called ‘Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket’.

Activity 1

Before you look at the poem, have a think. What might be in his pocket? Write down some ideas.

Activity 2

Now take a look at the poem.

Have a go at answering these questions.

1. What do you like/dislike about the poem?

2. How is it laid out?

3. What individual things did he have in his pocket? (the nouns) eg. ‘a glass of water, full to the top’ = a glass of water

4. What adjectives or description did the author use? Can you find any words or phrases?


Can you take some of your ideas that you came up with add an adjective or a descriptive phrase to it to make it more interesting?

For example – a wand

A magical, golden tipped wand that could transform children anywhere they wanted to be.