Team 1 English - 12.5.20

Tuesday 12th May – English: List Poetry

Today you are going to come up with a new title for your list poem.

‘Ten things found in a …’

Activity 1

Have a think of some different ideas you might want to write your poem about. You may choose to link it to farming or might choose not to. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. Make a list of your possible ideas.

For example: farmer’s tractor, in a treasure chest, in a child’s bedroom, on a desert island

Activity 2

Now you have to come up with 10 different things that you might find in/on your chosen thing. You might want to use this template for your ideas.

You do not need to worry about coming up with all of the descriptive ideas because that is tomorrow’s learning – but you might want to write down a few key words that pop into your head.