Team 1 English 28.4.20

Today you are going to do a plan for a descriptive recount of 'A day on the farm'.

Watch the video again if you need to.

Here is the list of jobs:

feed the lambs

feed the cows

check the sheep

check the goats

check the alpacas

let the chickens and ducks out

have breakfast

feed and water the chickens

feed the pigs

check the cows water

Using your notes and ideas from yesterday, can you sequence the jobs into the correct order?

We want you to be able to add extra detail to your description.

So watch each job closely....

What do you see happening?

What extra information does Farmer Richard give you?

What else did you notice happening?

How do you think Farmer Richard was feeling?

Your task today is to complete a plan that will help you write a description tomorrow, so it needs detail. But just key words and phrases, NOT full sentences (save that for the big write tomorrow 😉)

Here is an example of how to get started: