Team 1 English 30.4.20

Today Farmer Richard needs some help with his rounds and some extra jobs.

You are going to write a diary entry for ‘helping on the farm’.

This time you are going to write as though you went to help Farmer Richard with his rounds and these extra jobs, or maybe some of the others he has to do daily.

Have a look at this clip for some ideas.

Use your imagination, pretend you spent the day on the farm. What did you get up to?

Remember the tips from last week...

When writing this diary, you need to think about including the day, date or time so that we know which day you are writing about. Make sure you write about the events of the day in order, using time linking words; first, next, then, after that. You need to be writing about the day in the first person, using 'I'. Keep it interesting by including exciting adjectives to describe things and to tell us how it felt to be at the farm.

Have fun.

We cannot wait to read them!

(I might share them with Farmer Richard too!!)