Team 1 English - 4.5.20

Monday 4th May – English

During the Easter Holidays, Miss Davey decided to write you all a book linking with farming and habitats around the world.

Take a look and read her book – Cleo the Cow Travels Around the World.

At the end of her book, Miss Davey has taken the time to research and find out some information about some of the Habitats Cleo visited.


It is now your turn! Can you find some other facts about the habitats she visited, the animals she met on her trip and any plants you might find there? How have those animals adapted to their habitat?

You can use these websites (which you have used before) to help you, alongside your own researching on the computer or in books you might have.

Send your ‘Did you know?’ facts into your class teacher, who can gather them altogether to make a brilliant fact sheet to put up on the website!