Team 1 English wb 18.5.20

Team 1 English – Week Beginning 18th May

This week we are going to be using the BBC Bitesize website for our English lessons.

For each year group we have carefully selected the lessons which we would like the children to have a go at. For each lesson chosen, there are 2 or 3 activities. Please do not feel that your child has to complete all of the activities.

We would encourage you to have a go at the first 1 or 2 and then see the last one as a challenge, which your child could try if they so wish.

We hope you enjoy these lessons and we would appreciate some feedback regarding them.

Today’s lesson link is attached though this blog, but for the other weekdays we will simply add the web link for you to get going with.

We have however written what the content for each year group will be for the week.

Any questions as always, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Year 1

Monday – Using capital letters and full stops when writing postcards

Tuesday – Using capital letters and full stops in sentences

Wednesday – Creating sentences with description

Thursday – Developing vocabulary through phonics

Friday – Forming letters correctly and using alliteration

Year 2

Monday - Writing Sentences using full stop, ABC and conjunctions

Tuesday - Using descriptive words

Wednesday - Creating sentences with description

Thursday - Creating Lists in sentences and commands

Friday - My Favourite Story